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Biology is one of the most popular fields of study, which is why the study is regulated with access restrictions. Like many other disciplines, the Department of Biology is affected by restructuring, as the diploma programs are replaced by the Bachelor and Master programs or have already been replaced. The bachelor’s degree is the first professional qualification as part of the biology studies, the master’s degree is comparable to the former diploma.

In the course of the conversion of the diploma courses, the study of biology, depending on the university, may have very different emphases and specializations. These include e.g. epidemiology, immunology, neurobiology, pharmaceutical biology, toxicology or genetics. The study programs share a strong interdisciplinary emphasis on basic subjects such as chemistry and physics.

So, if you want to study biology, you should be interested in scientific questions as well as enjoy the practical experimentation. In addition, students should have in-depth knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Very good knowledge of English is necessary, as specialist literature is often only available in English and lectures are sometimes held in English.

The study in biology combines theory with practice, since the theoretically acquired foundations in laboratory and field practicals are often also applied to excursions.

Depending on your choice of profession (teaching at gynmasium, junior high school, etc.), your studies may be linked to semesters that vary in length. As a rule, the bachelor thesis is written in the sixth semester after a research internship. The master’s program usually concludes with an experimental master’s thesis and comprises four semesters. The completion of the Master’s program is honored with the academic degree “Master of Science (M.Sc.)”.

Ghostwriter in biology

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