Ghostwriting in chemistry

As part of the Bologna process, many universities have set up a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree program in Chemistry, which replaces the previous Diploma Program in Chemistry.

In the respective study courses the graduates should be enabled to acquire a basic mathematical, physical and general scientific knowledge as well as a sound chemical knowledge in the core chemical disciplines (inorganic, organic and physical chemistry). The most important experimental methods in chemistry should be learned in order to carry out analytical and experimental investigations, to evaluate and interpret data. Sometimes also a deep IT competence for training belongs.

In most cases, a small-scale or, in the case of a master’s thesis, a larger scientific project is to be worked on within the scope of a bachelor’s thesis in chemistry. The processing time depends on whether the bachelor thesis is being worked on full-time or part-time. It will be i.d.R. Awarded 10 ECTS credits for the Bachelor thesis.

Normally, students have no problem performing the experimental part of the corresponding work. However, the studies and the evaluation of test results can be a “time-waster”, which is why the writing and observance of the formal requirements presents its own challenge.

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