Ghostwriting in media science

The Department of Media Studies or Communication Studies deals with the media, especially the mass media and their communication. During their studies, students therefore learn a wide range of media formats and their communication effects. They deal with media analysis, history and media theory.

Ghostwriter in media science

Ghostwriters can help you prepare for your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in Media and Communication Sciences. In the identification of the topic, we will be happy to advise you as well as in the formulation of the entire elaboration. You are also in good hands when choosing the appropriate empirical method for your topic. If you find problems in your scientific work, contact us early.

General information about media studies

The media studies program is broad and interdisciplinary links contents of various disciplines. Depending on the university, the media studies programs have different emphases. Possible areas of focus and specializations include:

  • Film and television science
  • media economics
  • journalism
  • media computer science
  • media management
  • media Psychology
  • media law

No wonder that their future fields of work are also multifaceted: graduates of media studies are involved in the organization of events and festivals, in the production of film and TV, in the media industry or in journalism.

The bachelor’s program teaches the basics such as media history, media systems or media theory. This is followed by the consolidation of specializations such as radio, film, digital media or print media. The bachelor program covers a standard period of six to eight semesters. Start of studies for the Bachelor is usually the winter semester.

For the media-scientific bachelor’s program the entrance qualification or the entrance to the Fachhochschulreife is required. Some universities also require a pre-study internship or a letter of motivation. Often also desirable are two modern foreign languages, such as English, French or Spanish. Since media science is a very popular and popular study program, there is a restriction of admission by many universities to a numerus clausus.

As a rule, the Bachelor’s course is practice-oriented – the students learn the basics such as image editing, digital editing or multimedia design. Credits are earned through services such as papers, assignments, exams or oral exams. The degree forms, as with most humanities subjects, the academic degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).

The Master’s program lasts two to four semesters and focuses on project-related research and the deepening of scientific competencies. For example, students can specialize in journalism, the film and television industry or media psychology.

We advise you gladly – without obligation and free of charge

Our ghostwriters and experts in the field of media sciences have a high level of methodological competence and are familiar with the current scientific media-scientific discussion in order to be able to classify your topic in the corresponding focus and to be able to deal with it in a qualified manner.

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